Zero-downtime Updates & A/B Testing

The routing capabilities in Cloud Foundry enable very powerful patterns such as A/B testing and zero-downtime (or blue/green) updates.

Zero-downtime Updates

A zero-downtime update in Cloud Foundry is accomplished using a blue/green deployment pattern. The colors blue and green help describe what is happening. An application, Blue, needs to be updated. A new version, Green, is therefore deployed as a separate application. Green can be verified before we begin to route traffic to it. Traffic to Blue can be cut off when Green is receiving traffic.

The blue/green deployment pattern is a common method for avoiding application downtime during a restage or re-push operation.

A/B Testing

In A/B testing, two versions of an application or feature are running at the same time, with each receiving some traffic. Customer behaviour with each version can be gathered and analyzed.


We can demonstrate the A/B testing and blue/green update patterns at the same time, use the training app.

Start by setting an environment variable named TRAINING_COLOR to Blue on your existing training app.

cf set-env training-app TRAINING_COLOR Blue
cf restart training-app

Access your training app in a browser to ensure you can see the environment variable. Now add the TRAINING_COLOR = Green environment variable entry to the manifest, and deploy a new version of the training app called training-app-green.

cf push training-app-green -f manifest.yml -p

Access training-app-green in a browser to ensure you can see the color environment variable. Now, map the existing route for blue to green.

cf map-route training-app-green <CF_APP_DOMAIN> --hostname <BLUE_ROUTE>

If you access the BLUE_ROUTE in a browser a few times, you should see some requests going to blue and others to green. At this point, you are running an A/B test (two versions of the app/feature are availalble at the same route at the same time) where Blue is A and green is B.

How can you direct roughly 10% of traffic to version B of your application?

If you wanted 10% of the traffic to go to green, you simply need to have 9 times the number of blue instances as green instances.

To finish off a blue/green deployment, you unmap the original (Blue) route from the blue app:

cf unmap-route training-app <CF_APP_DOMAIN> --hostname <BLUE_ROUTE>

This leaves all traffic going to green. You can verify this in a browser. At this point, you have deployed a new version of the app without any downtime. The blue version of the app can then be deleted.