The CLI supports text display in multiple languages. For the most up to date information on supported languages, see the Cloud Foundry docs.

To change the locale in use, you can run:

cf config --locale <LOCALE>

Using a locale of CLEAR will remove any value set previously.

Tracing Requests and Responses

The CLI makes REST calls to the Cloud Controller, often multiple calls for a single command. It can be helpful to see the requests and responses while debugging or when working directly with the API. There are multiple ways you can enable debugging:

  • Setting the CF_TRACE enviroment variable to true will output the requests and responses in your command window as they are sent and received.
  • The same type of request/response logging can be enabled using cf config --trace=true.
  • Requests and responses can also be logged to a file by setting the CF_TRACE environment variable to the name of a file.