The CLI is extensively self-documenting. Because the CLI is installed in the web-based terminal, help is available during the exam. Be sure you know how to use it.

To summarize:

  • cf help displays help for the most frequently used commands
  • cf help -a display help for all the available commands.
  • cf <command> -h (or --help) displays the detailed help for executing a particular command.
What happens if you run `cf push` expecting to see the help text?

If you run cf <command> without the necessary parameters, the CLI will output the detailed help text as if you ran cf <command> -h. However, leaving off the -h and assuming the CLI will always output the help text is risky. For example, if you were to run cf push expecting to see the help text and a manifest exists in your current directory, you would potentially push an application unintentionally.


Many commands offer aliases (for example cf m as a shortcut for cf marketplace). Aliases are listed in the help descriptions.